Food is life!

Hello everybody! Welcome back to my blog. Today and after some weeks, I’m back with a new story and is about food. Why? Because, as the title says, food is life and I wish I had a black hole in my stomach so I could eat the whole day, hehe. Of course, that sounds unhealthy, but food is good. Again, I want my post to be short, because I’m afraid readers would find it boring at the end. Any suggestions are welcomed anyway 🙂

So back to the topic, last week I went to Denmark with my couple’s little sister (we are just one year apart) to spend the weekend there. For her was more like a shopping weekend, for me was the first time (apart of the airport) being in Denmark. We drove down there, but first we had to take a boat for 3 hours, and I must say that the country is super flat and the roads are so smooth that I think any person who wants to take the drive license should go there, haha. No mountains as I heard before and we were so lucky with the weather, because it was sunny the whole weekend. Only when we went down to Germany, to a big shopping building, is when we got rain…and the infinite hours in the car…urg. If you ever travel just by driving…TAKE BREAKS AND STRETCH YOUR LEGS.

The moments we needed food were the best part of the trip for me, because there was so much taste in everything and the portions were so huge that, shame on me, must of the time I had to leave some food on the plate. I hated that, but I was so full… For my surprise, danish people like to mix greens and meats a lot, also sweet and salty in the same plate. I’m a huge fan of mixtures, because it brings like a joy of flavours to your mouth and is like you never cease to learn there is a lot of things that work together in gastronomy. For example: one morning we went to a cafe shop to get some breakfast. I was in the mood of some mozzarella and pesto sandwich and they had! I also ordered a white tea, which was delicious, and when we finally got our dishes, she got a normal bready with ham and cheese, but mine was like a huge plate with with a lot of salad, mozzarella cheese, like a sour/sweet onions, homemade pesto, etc; you could barely see the bread, but it was there (I think they like more what it is inside than the bread) with a lot of seeds, which I loved but it was so thick and good at the same time…I was amazed. So yeah, basically my mouth had a better trip than I did, LOL. Here you can check some of the food photos I took (because I’m that annoying with food), please enjoy and hopefully I get to read your food experiences 🙂

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See you!!

I’m back?

Good morning everybody! It’s 6th september and I hope all of you are doing well. Back to routine: work, school, college, whatever… Everything can be difficult to go back to, but is necessary. Same applies to me, who have been away from this blog like for a year, and I know, it’s terrible, because that’s not how it should go. I should be more constant, but life is like those new famous spiners getting sell all around the world, “to relax”, so things change and spin! But I’m back, I will try to keep it up with the blog and also with some stories.

So to make the comeback, I gonna talk about how after spending one month in Spain (visiting my parents and siblings) and after my mom told me few advices, I gonna talk about skin, body and general health. I dont think I gonna make the spanish part of this post because it takes already time to write it in english, so I think I am going to skip the spanish part for today. So basically what I going to tell you is: My skin sucks,  my general physical condition feels like 80 years old and I always feel tired. Is not like sleeping is a problem for me, but I dont feeling tired most of the day is normal. I decided to start cleaning my body from inside and, one of the first things I started doing (here comes my mom’s advice) is drinking smoothie right after I wake up in the morning, but those kind that are good to clean your digestive system, lets say, and also cleans your skin. I must say that for my stomach it was a good medicine, because I always have problems with food that might be heavy later and, therefor, feeling sick. And when yu feel sick on your stomach the whole day, almost like you are going to explode… That’s a NO NO. I gonna post the photos of the glass with the smoothie and two more with the seeds (starting eating like a bird) that help my metabolism. I can’t eat all kind of seeds because it actually makes me very sick, like throw up, but some others are handable.

Oh, I love strawberries and blue berries. I MUST SAY that SUGAR is not an option for me in these meals. I mean, almost everything you eat contains sugar, so why add more? Plus, if I want to get rid of the pimples, I have to reduce drastically the sugar, not just for aesthetics, but also to fee more energized (that’s kind of tricky because I can sleep all the time), but it’s making its work and I should keep it doing!

At last, I want to make clear that I want the posts to be short and clear. I am still working on write short and clear (because it’s not easy), but that’s another thing to be constant with. I hope I get to see you passing by and comenting anything you might want to say? 😀 I love talking about everything and with everyone. How is your healthy journy going?

Lots of love, Jojo ❤

Llocs. Paris

The whole city. Soldiers on the subway. People reading books on their way to work. Amazing castles. Culturally rich. Can you find the funny picture?


Day 2 in BCN

That was a lovely Friday in Barcelona the past June. Me, my couple and my friends went out for a long tourist tour around the city and we enjoyed the parks, the buildings, the people and, of course, our freaky side: comics and manga. The shop is called Norma Comics and we spent almost 2 hours in it (not before eat or it would have been suffering). My couple found out he likes reading those books 😉

Tienda de comics, mangas y accesorios “frikis” en Barcelona, cerca del Arco del triunfo. Maravilloso día paseando con los amigos, además de que el tiempo acompañó gratamente 😉


Back to the “business”. Many things have happened and is already summer. Well, summer…Stavanger is pretty freshy, but there is always a day when the sun wants to come out. The picture is the official day me and my couple started our vacation in Barcelona, Spain: visited friends and my parents. Everything was lovely. I must say that you only find those exotic drinks when you go to a exotic shop in the city, and it was delicious!

Gonna post my photos one by one so I have some topic for you guys! Thanks for reading 🙂


Temperatures have raised up and is finally warm in Norway! For many people is kind of weird thinking there is summer here, but there is, even though is a Scandinavian country and so much nature must have an origin, right? With so much sun we are having lately, my balcony is starting to show off some beauty: the flowers. Today’s turn is the coriander (the title is in norwegian ). This baby came to me in early February and has been very strong. As I said in a previous food post, the coriander is a basic in Venezuelan, and other countries, gastronomy and that’s the main reason why I have it. Also because I love the smell and flavour 🙂 Is not a difficult plant to take care of, is very adaptable and cute. I gonna show you some of the pictures I took through my journy on taking care of the plant, but the cares that actually worked for me because not everybody has the same “house conditions” to have plants and flowers. My terrace is windowed so when is winter, the cold doesn’t really get into the house and when is sunny, it gets very hot (actually it gets like a dried sauna – word). So I can have typical spring or summer plants.

I won’t make this post super long or maybe you fall asleep, but to have coriander and take care of it you need: water it every day, but not so much, during summer; this plant likes sun so it is fine if is direct light, but again, water it. When it’s winter it needs less water, in my balcony the baby received awesome conditions and stay this green! (see picture 1)IMG_2244; it does get bugs (see picture 2) even though is plant that normally don’t, I got aphids, but is easy to bear with if you clean the plant often or use a mix of water, two parts normal oil for cooking and two parts of soap to wash dishes (you can use a spoon) and spray it on the leaves. It will kill the aphids bu you gotta clean it anyway. Like you won’t get rid off the smell on your feet if you don’t shower (crazy example). And last but not less important, cut the dead leaves or don’t worry about using the plant to cook because it is productive and it is always growing.

If you want flowers, you just let it grow, of course it will need sun and water. Sometimes you can add nutrients but not too much because what happened to me was that the bugs love it, so once a month is enough, I would think. Also you can use the flowers when cooking because they retain the flavor and is kind of cute when serving in the dish.And if you like this plant you should know it has the following properties:

• coriander is used to aid digestion
• coriander is used as anti bacterial
• coriander helps regain appetite
• coriander has properties that help with urinary tract infections
• coriander freshens breath
• coriander prepared tea or infusion helps reduce or eliminate headaches, especially those caused by colds or flus
• creams aromatic oil has properties so is used in lotions, perfumes and coriander has anti inflammatory properties so is used in creams against joint pain and rheumatism.
• coriander helps lower bad cholesterol and raise the good one
• can help with menstrual problems
• It helps promote sleep
• helps in cases of metal toxicity

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¡Las temperaturas han subido y por fin hace calor en Noruega! Para muchas personas es raro pensar que haya verano aquí, pero no es raro y, además, por algo habrá tanto verde, ¿cierto?

Con tanto sol que estamos teniendo últimamente, mi balcón está empezando a mostrar un poco de belleza: las flores. El turno de hoy es del cilantro (el título está en noruego). Éste baby me vino a principios de febrero y ha sido muy fuerte. Como dije en un post anterior de alimentos, el cilantro es un básico en la gastronomía de  Venezuela, y en otros países, y esa es la razón principal por la que lo tengo. También porque me encanta el olor y el sabor 🙂 no es una planta difícil de cuidar, es muy adaptable y linda. Les voy a mostrar algunas de las fotos que hice a través de mi viaje en el cuidado de la planta, pero los cuidados que me han funcionado a mi, porque no todo el mundo tiene las mismas condiciones de casa para tener plantas y flores. Mi terrazaes cerrada con ventanas de vidrio, por lo que en invierno tapa y en verano es una sauna seca. Palabra. Así que puedo tener plantas que normalmente son de primavera o verano.

No voy a hacer este post super largo o tal vez se caigan rendidos, pero para tener cilantro y cuidar de él lo que se necesita es: regar todos los días, pero no tanto, durante el verano; le gusta el sol, así que está bien si es la luz directa, pero de nuevo, regar cada día. Cuando llega el invierno se necesita menos agua, en mi balcón tuvo unas condiciones estupendas y estuvo siempre muy verde (Ver foto 1); puede pillar plagas, a pesar de que es la planta que normalmente no lo hace, yo gané la loteria recibiendo pulgones (ver foto 2), pero es fácil de eliminar si se limpia la planta a menudo o si se usa una mezcla de agua, dos partes de aceite para cocinar y dos partes de jabón para lavar platos – mejor si es ecológico ( se puede utilizar una cuchara sopera) y rociar sobre las hojas. Mata los pulgones, no afecta la planta, pero hay que limpiarla igual. Es como no poder eliminar el mal olor de pies si no te duchas (loco ejemplo) . Y por último pero no menos importante, cortar las hojas muertas, si la usas para cocinar, no hay que preocuparse de cortar mucho porque crece exageradamente.

Si se quiere flores, sólo hay que dejarla crecer, por supuesto, necesitará sol y agua. A veces se puede agregar nutrientes, pero no demasiado, porque lo que me pasó fue que a los insectos les encanta, así que una vez al mes es suficiente, yo creo. También puede utilizar las flores cuando se cocina, ya que conservan el sabor o lucen pien en el plato. Y si te gusta esta planta, sepa: tiene las siguientes propiedades:

  • el cilantro es usado para ayudar a la digestión
  • el cilantro es usado como anti bacterial
  • el cilantro ayuda a recobrar el apetito
  • el cilantro tiene propiedades que ayudan con las infecciones del tracto urinario
  • el cilantro refresca el aliento
  • el cilantro preparado en te o infusión, ayuda a disminuir o eliminar los dolores de cabeza, especialmente aquellos ocasionados por las gripes o catarros
  • el aceite tiene propiedades aromáticas por lo que es usado en lociones, perfumes y cremas
  • el cilantro tiene propiedades anti inflamatorias por lo que es usado en cremas contra los dolores en articulaciones y reumatismo.
  • el cilantro ayuda a disminuir el colesterol malo y subir el bueno
  • puede ayudar con problemas menstruales
  • ayuda a promover el sueño
  • ayuda en casos de toxicidad por metales



The process

Good morning!

Is baby’s time! As I posted long ago, I call my plants babies because is almost like having a baby. It takes patient, love and dedication and…money…hehe. But is fine, since I’m still not working I have plenty of time to do my hobbies.

I had the gift of finding this flat with a windowed terrace but a balcony with plants, so I’m enjoying having strawberries, chives, oregano, narcissus and cactus. By the way, now the narcissus are a bit old and soon will die so the photos are from when they were about to open. The cactus, I risked on putting them outside in the balcony so they could start growing more, but I’m not sure how it will be when the winter comes again. I will transplant them if necessary. Also, I’m looking forward to see my chives with flowers, so if it does happen, I will definitely show you!

And for last, my little orchids. This flower became a very healthy one and now is showing me more love by getting new flowers. Many people like orchids because they are exotic, but the wrong care can lead to a dead flower so I just use a egg glass of water once a week and forget about it till the next time. It is really important that it receives light but not direct sun light because orchids tend to get burnt, but a window should work.

Since is my first time having my own orchard and little garden, I am still learning on how to take care of them. I also talk to them, because…you have to give love after all and understand that each plant has its own needs. Check the pictures below 🙂 and thanks for reading 😀

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¡Buenos días!

Hoy toca hablar de mis bebés y creo recordar en un antiguo post que yo le llamó así porque a las plantas hay que darles mucho cariño. Incluso les hablo, les saludo cuando llego de la calle o me despido cuando voy a estar todo el día fuera. Estoy muy ilusionada y, además, fue una dicha que el antiguo propietario dejara una terraza cerrada (puedo tener varias plantas incluso en invierno) y un gran balcón con plantas ya puestas (fresas, orégano, cebollino, un arbusto que aún no sé el nombre y mis cactus que hace nada transplanté al lugar para que pudieran crecer más).

Todo tiene un ciclo y las plantas crecen a su ritmo, a parte que el clima en Noruega es un poco más bruto, tardan casi el doble, pero creo que para verano tendremos buenos resultados 🙂 En las fotos del slideshow les muestro el balcón con plantas, pero también aparecen las orquídeas que adquirí hace raaaaato: son pequeñas (más babies aun) y blacas con pequeños detalles amarillos en el centro. Son preciosas y de solo darles un vaso de huevo (entiéndase por el tamaño) lleno de agua una vez a la semana, me ha querido dar nuevas flores ¡Estoy encantada! Por lo visto lo estoy haciendo bien ¡Yuhu!

Soy una principiante en jardinería, así que mucha información de como estoy cuidando de mis plantas, no la puedo dar, pero seguiré comentando sobre mi experiencia y qué cosas he probado para mantenerlas sanas. ¡Síganme en la aventura! Y gracias por leer 🙂


Hello my dear readers.

Have I ever told you how much I love food? And have I told you that I am originally from Venezuela? Well, today’s post is about food and some extras.

We started the day being light with the breakfast because from 12 o’clock till 4 o’clock more or less there was an event in Stavanger called “Internasjonal kulturkafé Venezuela” that offered a small menu of typical venezuelan food. I have been a long, long, long time without my precious cheese (yes, my favourite cheese is venezuelan and is hard to find, geez). One of the main things I remember of Venezuela is eating a lot of Arepas (is a corn flour tortilla filled with whatever you want) and Tequeños (is a thin dough filled normally with cheese, shaped like a finger and then fried). You will see some f the pictures of the place, which one was so crowded and noisy…yeah, latinos are noisy and I was already used to the calmed Norwegian behavior.

A part of the long line and the waiting game, we got our taste of Venezuela and got to eat with that amazing sauce I always used to put in the hot dogs, the “Guasacaca” (check the ingredients below):

1 avocado
1 medium onion

guasacaca-step-32 cloves garlic
1 small green pepper
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch parsley
Salt and pepper to taste
And a bit of lemon’s juice (this will stop the oxidation of the sauce)

I think you should try in anything you cook but doesn’t have sauces like grilled chicken, steak, fried empanadas…I normally love to try new dishes so the day I use this sauce and cook something to use it with, I will definitely show you.

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Let’s continue.

After eating some venezuelan, my couple, his parents and I went to a convention called “Boligmesse”. This is basically many stands gathered to show people who is visiting: new products, new services, discounts, some food (just for a break), small competitions to win like a restyling kitchen (for example)… I kind of liked it but I think it was a bit small and we only stayed for two hours. Is a pity because I wanted to participate in the balloon contest (you can win a restyling kitchen valued in 20.000$ – for example). Another year.

And to finish the day, I had a desired sushi tray, with the only inconvenient that I tried a new flavor of maki and it had too much wasabi (I don’t like it). But the dragon roll (another flavor) was awesome! Check the pictures! 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Hola estimats lectors!

Alguna vegada us he dit lo molt que m’agrada el menjar? I us he dit que jo sóc originària de Veneçuela? Bé, el post d’avui és sobre el menjar i alguns extres.

Vam començar un esmorzar light perquè des de les 12:00 fins les 4:00 més o menys hi va haver un esdeveniment a Stavanger que es diu “Internasjonal kulturkafé Veneçuela” (o bé, Café internacional cultural) on van oferir un menú petit típic veneçolà. He passat molt, molt, molt de temps sense el meu formatge preciós! (sí, el meu formatge preferit és veneçolà i és difícil de trobar, caram!). Una de les principals coses que recordo de Veneçuela és menjar un munt de Arepas (és una tortilla de farina de blat de moro ple amb el que vulguis) i Tequeños (és una massa fina plena normalment amb formatge, amb forma de dit i després fregit). Us pussaré algunes fotos del lloc, que estava ple de gent i era super sorollós … sí, els llatins són sorollosos i jo ja n’estic acostumada a la tranquil·litat noruega.

Una cua llarguissima i el famós joc de l’espera, vam aconseguir el nostre gust de Veneçuela i vaig poder, a més a més, tastar una salsa que acostumava a posar en els hotdogs de Veneçuela, la “guasacaca” (mireu els ingredients a sota):

1 alvocat
1 ceba mitjana
2 dents d’all
1 pebrot verd petit
1 manat de coriandre
1 manat de julivert
Sal i pebre al gust
I una mica de suc de llimona (això aturarà l’oxidació de la salsa)
Jo crec que la haurieu de tastar sí o sí en qualsevol plat que no porti salsa! Us encatarà.


Després del dinar a la veneçolana, la meva parella, els seus pares i jo vam anar a una convenció anomenada “Boligmesse” (algo així com “massa llar”). Es tracta bàsicament de moltes paradetes que es van reunir per mostrar a la gent: nous productes, nous serveis, descomptes, una mica de menjar (només per a un descans), petits concursos per guanyar com un remodelació de la cuina (per exemple) … Em va agradar força, però crec que tot el recinte va ser una mica petit i no donava per a més de dues hores. És una llàstima perquè volia participar en el concurs  de Ballon- Globos amb premis (es pot guanyar una cuina restyling valorat en 20.000 $ – per exemple). Un altre any…

I per acabar el dia, vaig aconseguir la meva safata de sushi, amb l’únic inconvenient que he intentat un nou sabor de maki i tenia massa wasabi (no m’agrada). Però el rotllo de drac (un altre sabor) era increïble! Comproveu les imatges! :)

Refresh mind

Today wasn’t exactly a good day even when I started it with positive energy. Well, I won’t be this dramatic: only the morning was chaotic. By the way, I have some photos from my visit to the mountain Dalsnuten, with my couple, around two weeks ago. I was checking my phone and saw the pictures and said “Wow, that was a nice day!” and then….I was in good mood again!

Dalsnuten is a mountain with many pinnacles around with the view of the city of Stavanger. It actually amazes you and gives you fresh air. I also post this pictures on my Instagram account (@jespidi) is you want to check it out 🙂

Thanks for reading 😀

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Hoy no era exactamente un buen día, aunque me levanté  con energía positiva. Bueno, no voy a ser dramática: sólo el mañana fue caótica. Por cierto, tengo algunas fotos de mi visita a la montaña Dalsnuten, con mi pareja, hace alrededor de dos semanas. Estaba revisando mi teléfono y vi las fotos y dije “¡Wow, ese fue un buen día!” y luego …. ¡me puse de buen humor de solo verlas!

Dalsnuten es una montaña con muchos pináculos alrededor con la vista dirigida a la ciudad de Stavanger. En realidad, te sorprende y te da aire fresco. También suelo poner imágenes de paisajes en mi cuenta de Instagram (@jespidi) si les da curiosidad 🙂

Gracias por leer 😀

Cheap beauty

Hello, hello! Today’s post wants to be short. I try…

Now in days we women have a huge offers of make up: brands, commercials and trends. The fact is you can’t always afford it and you get to choose cheap alternatives and, in the worst of the cases, not so friendly with animals (talking about testing on them before you can get to buy your product). By the way, I think it will take more than expected to reach that goal, but meanwhile I have to be careful with the money I actually don’t have. I been searching through internet if there is someone who felt like me and started using tips to make any product last longer. However, the first tip I could give to you is: Don’t use make. Don’t wash your hair everyday. Don’t use soap on your skin too often and you will notice a difference.

But of course, some of you will think this is not so “tipful”, but it is for me! Haha. I wouldn’t mind some tips from you, specially for hair products and make up. If you don’t want aggressive chemical products for your hair or your skin, you normally go to “expensive” products, right? Well…how to make it/them last? Hopefully I get some answers!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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¡Hola, hola! El post de hoy será algo corto. Lo intento…

Hoy en día las mujeres tenemos un enorme oferta de maquillaje: las marcas, comerciales y tendencias y bla bla bla. El hecho es que no siempre te lo puedes permitir y has de elegir alternativas baratas y, en el peor de los casos, no tan amigable con los animales (me refiero a las pruebas dermatológicas hechas en animales previas a que tu te compres un producto). A mi por lo menos me va a tomar más tiempo de lo debido llegar a poder usar productos amigables con los animales, pero mientras tanto tengo  que tener cuidado con el dinero que en realidad no tengo. He estado buscando a través de Internet, y si ha habido alguien que se sintiera como yo, y ha dado consejos para hacer que cualquier producto dure más tiempo. Sin embargo, lo primero que yo les diría es: No usen maquillaje. No se lave el cabello todos los días. No use jabón en la piel con demasiada frecuencia o se le resecará la piel, ya verá que hay diferencia.

Pero, por supuesto, algunas de ustedes piensan que esto no es así  de “fácil”, pero es para mí, Jaja. No me importaría algunos consejos de parte de ustedes, especialmente para productos para el cabello y maquillaje. Y si no les va lo barato, vas a por lo bueno, pero…¿Cómo haces que dure? Espero poder tener respuestas 🙂

Gracias por leer 🙂